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School Board Candidates

The process of electing school board members is non-partisan and unfortunately allows for multiple conservative candidates to run for one spot, possibly splitting the vote in a way that allows a less desirable candidate to be elected. We have two instances where we are presenting two candidates for you to consider, as both have support from reliable conservative sources. We have done our best with the information we have to vet a large number of candidates, some we know well; others are very new to us. This is a guide for you. We encourage you to read their statements to help with your decision-making. Please contact us with questions.


Please contact these candidates to help!

  •    Place a sign in your yard.

  •    Hand out candidate information in your neighborhood, and to         family and friends.

  •    Donate to help with costs. (Any amount is helpful)

  •    Email and call family and friends.

Elkhart Candidates

Indiana Call To Action endorses the following candidates.

Middlebury Candidates

Indiana Call To Action endorses the following candidates.

Baugo Candidate

Pete Colan

District II  (no more than 1 from Districts I and II)

My Priorities:

  • Quality of education and academic achievement

  • Focus on fundamentals, not social and political issues

  • Allow teachers to flourish and avoid bullying by enforcing appropriate and effective discipline of unruly students.

  • Work with administration and staff to improve standardized testing and grade-level proficiency test scores

  • Enhance Career Pathways Learning program for students who want to enter the workforce upon graduation

  • Continue to develop College credit curriculum offerings

  • Involve parents and the community in meetings and decisions

  • Actively work with like-minded board members from surrounding communities to share struggles, successes, and strategies


My Goals:

Elevate overall assessment of Baugo Schools to the best in the State of Indiana. (Jimtown is currently rated 3/10 compared to Penn’s 10/10 in


What I bring to the School Board:

As an award-winning successful small business entrepreneur, engineer and inventor also experienced in many trades, I bring valuable business insights, hard work, an appreciation for facts and data in decision-making, a deeply personal appreciation for trade skills, and a passion for success and excellence. I bring no agenda or special interests, I am strictly here to work for your child’s success in Baugo’s schools because the future of our country is in the hands of our children.


Goshen Candidates

Indiana Call To Action endorses the following candidates.

Concord Candidates

Indiana Call To Action endorses the following candidates.


Below is information for St. Joe County candidates who have been vetted by Strengthen our Schools, PHM District. 

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